Scheduled for June 24, 2024, at 8:10 PM, the Miami Marlins are set to take on the Kansas City Royals in a pivotal showdown at Kauffman Stadium. The matchup is expected to occur under favorable weather conditions.

Roddery Muñoz will head to the pitcher’s mound for the Marlins, entering the game with a 4.558 ERA. His counterpart from the Royals, Cole Ragans, will pitch with a commendable 3.140 ERA.

In the 2023 NL East Division rankings, the Marlins are currently placed 15th, showing a performance record of 23 wins against 49 losses, leading to a 0.32 winning percentage. Their divisional record stands at 5 wins to 17 losses, positioning them 5th in the NL East. Their form has been struggling recently, with only 2 wins out of their last 10 games, compounded by a six-game losing streak. Their home and away game records are 12-26 and 11-23, respectively, with 11 day game wins as opposed to 12 night game wins. The Marlins have scored a total of 251 runs and conceded 368 runs this season.

On the other side, the Royals hold the 5th position in the 2024 AL Central Division with a 41-32 record, reflecting a 0.56 winning percentage. They are ranked 2nd in their division with a 13-9 record. The Royals have secured 4 wins in their recent set of 10 games and are coming off a single loss. At home, they have performed notably stronger, with a 25-14 record, compared to 16-18 on the road. The team has also gathered 18 wins during day games and 23 during night games. In terms of scoring, the Royals have managed 351 runs while allowing 290 runs.